Pete (AKA Drum Muffin, Ron):


Oh boy, here we go! Words cannot describe… 

Pete marched in with is drum kit under his arm and a cooler full of clamato, vodka & rim-job. He put out the pentagram fire burning on the floor when he unrolled his drum rug. 

Pete brought another dimension to the band—that’s because he comes from another dimension. With his paradittles, pink-tinklers, tidily-winks and green dots, he got on Stich Bitterman's nerves from day one! But Pete was there to pound ‘em—drums and beats you say? I’m talkin’ brews, baby, brews! Pete is the timekeeper of the band—he always knows when it’s time for a break during practice to mix up a batch of M & M’s (mini-margaritas). 

Pete also plays drums. 

Everything was great, until the neighbors started chucking hot clam chowder, bottles and whatnot at the band. Why you ask? Oh, for certain reasons. Watch him go, did you see? He slid that fucker right into the wall, and now his ass is blue! Red Rova, Red Rova…I’ll have anutha!

After one show, Stich Bitterman decided he'd be happier doing studio work and left the band.

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