Needles (AKA Charley):


Aaaand….begin! Needles is a piece of work. Call In Sick’s roots go back to the garage days of the 1990’s with Charley on bass, brother Chris on drums, and Stich Bitterman on guitar. These guys were very successful—that is, successful at playing every cover song containing the words blood, devil, death and fire. Not so bad, you say—cover songs—at least you know the songs, right? NOT! They only played cover songs that nobody had ever heard. I guess that made them doubly successful. Well that sure is something, isn’t it? 

They had fun, and that’s what it’s all about. A rehearsal tape of this group of players surfaced in the fall of 2002. Fun isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind while giving this tape a listen. Terminate the call! Wetwired became the name of the band somewhere along the way—the name came from the title of an X-Files episode. 

Needles likes to drink while he fills in the pockets with his thunderous electric-bass grooves. He would much rather be playing that heavy stuff where the singer sounds like he just swallowed a mouthful of broken glass, but Call In Sick makes him play shit by Fuel, Pat Benatar, The Romantics, etc.  He just drinks more during those songs. 

Things changed and drummer Chris moved out of state. A new drummer took his place—that would be Pete