Chris O. (AKA Chris.5 & Chris-the-Fish)  


So what’s this going on over here? (finger pointing, arm moving in circular motion)

In 1998, Pete brought this Chris O guy over to audition for vocals. How did Pete meet him you say? Oh, through a friend. Chris O impressed the band with his mighty liver and yodeling skills and became the lead vocalist of Wetwired. Chris O bought an electric six-string guitar (electric blue, if you must know the color) and started playing as well as singing. 

The band had all the glamour, glitter, fortune and fame they could handle as they embarked on the “Get It The Hell Over With” tour. At the end of the tour the band started working on some new material, but the pressure of stardom was building. DW Pickman left the band in the fall of 1999, and GaryK became the new lead guitarist for Wetwired. 

It would be more than two years before Call In Sick would play their first show.

Sometimes breaks in life can be tough. 

A guy named Zippy joined the band to sing, and they officially became Call In Sick, and then Zippy left. Another guy, Chris Sixx, joined the band to sing and play acoustic guitar. After entertaining JC’s, BW’s, AIF’s, and CTC’s on the “Big ‘Un” tour, and drinking one thousand bottles of Boones “Is That A New Flava?” Farm wine, GaryK went away to school and Chris Sixx said, “DIP!” and fell to the floor and left the band.

Then Chris Sixx got back up and said he was just kidding.