Chris 6


Chris 6 said, “I miss Yee!” Fuckin' Shit! 

Here comes Chris 6—a solo performer before joining Call In Sick during the summer of 2002. It’s kind of funny how he is the 6th “Chris” to be involved with the band, and his last name is Sixx! Purely a coincidence. Actually, the guys in the band thought he was related to Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, so they wanted to use him for his connections. What a bunch of dumb drunks! Or is that bmud sknurd’s? 

Anyway, Chris 6 shows up for practice one day and Pete says, “Hi!” Chris 6 was like, :-o. Needles was like, :-p.  And Chris O. gave “the look”. Chris 6 said, “I’ve never been in a band before, but look—I’m Mr. Bunny-Lamp-for-a-Head Man. Instead of a regular head, I have a bunny lamp for a head, isn’t that crazy?! Now gimme some candy!”

Well, the rest of the band didn’t exactly know what to do. They didn’t have any candy, so they just ignored him for a while, though they did let him sing a song or two now and then so it wasn’t too obvious.

Today Chris 6 plays electric and acoustic rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals.  Although Call In Sick is primarily a cover band, the guys work on original songs when time permits.  And don't look know, but GaryK is back in the mix to keep the train rolling!